There's a new party time
every day

Hold a party, open a store, decorate a party hall,
and use a party hall to express your personality.
Enjoy parties with horsemanity while living your life at your own pace.
The time and season of the day correspond to reality, 
so something is going on on planet BB01 whether you're there or not.

Today's activity
On the planet BB01, parties, singing, dancing, and shows are popular activities. Depending on the season and time, you can engage in a variety of activities. Each new activity is automatically added to the BB01 activity list in-game.
Enter the party
Every day, there are hundreds of thousands of parties to join. Horsemanities creates new parties and stores in order to make money from party admission and store sales.
Add personal customization to your party invitation

Your party will be a little more special if you personalize the invitations. At the organizers' parties, many people pay attention and build more communities. The more people who show up to your party, the more money you'll make.
Join the party!
Your Planet BB01 offers various parties, however each day will have a different type of party or shop. You should have an amazing relationship with the party organizer if you want to be the management of the party you want. Get ready to go to the party!

Enjoy a variety of drinks
at a cafe**

We're always ready to serve coffee and have a talk at the cafe. Take a seat on the bench and order a drink or takeout! . You may also invite your friends to your cafe to share a cup of coffee. Within the cafe, you can build a community.
Stamp collection for
party lover

Join the party on planet BB01, fill in the stamp, and you'll be rewarded with the right title. Each step is given a new title. Make your own life as a party lover
Make BB01 sing
In the planet BB01's square, listen to your own music. You may enjoy it with a number of instruments and a wide range of Horsemanity. As if you're at a concert, sing along.
Planet BB01 Party
The larger the party, the more non-nationality guests there are. Please provide a variety of content so that a variety of visitors can come. The more unique the content, the more people will be interested in it