Hold party

Personalized party settings.
There are  5,000 party venues on Planet BB01.
As a party venue, decoration, and content, create a party that reflects your character.
Decide what you'll build inside or outside, and whose parties you'll invite!!

Where's your own party?

Each person will be assigned
a unique position within Planet BB01.
Let's see where they will be assigned.

How will the party be held?

A dogmatic shop can be used to order party supplies at a set price. The most important thing is to build a party that respects diversity.

Horsemanity Skyboard Tour

By skyboarding from the rental office,
you may find party locations all around planet BB01. 
From a lofty vantage point, you can see where you want to go.


5 million influencer on TikTok, Instagram who like to workout.

I used to work as a Microsoft engineer for three years, and I’m big fan of hamburger.
P. owen

I was a former Facebook software developer who despises noise, and I worked for two years in that position.
J. eliana

I’m trying to analyze about everything in the world and make it.

Traveling is the joy of my life.
R. bruno(Web3)

Expert in Web3.0 who enjoy reading.
K. kate

The artist is at the heart of art. DreamWorks Animation has been my employer for the past five years.
M. adelia

Former member of the Sony Pictures design team who has had enough of being stuffy for the past seven years.